Why is World Health Day celebrated?

Why is World Health Day celebrated


Every year on April 7th, the ‘World Health Organization (WHO)’ sponsors ‘World Health Day (WHD)’ to raise awareness of the advantages of good health. The World Health Organization has planned several events and programs for this day. Well, why exactly is celebrated? Read to find out.

World Health Day

Maintaining excellent health is essential, especially in light of the recent pandemic. Being healthy includes not only having a good bodily conditions but also having good mental and social conditions. Healthy people typically live long, disease-free lives. WHD was established to increase public awareness of people’s general health and wellness. On April 7th, people all across the world mark World Health Day. It is an attempt to recognize the accomplishments and extensive work of medical faculty.

The Establishment

During the first World Health Assembly, which the WHO organized in 1948, the creation of a “World Health Day” suggested.

The first World Health Day observed on April 7th, 1950, depicting the anniversary of the establishment of the World Health Organization.

Accordingly, the day’s main goal is to raise awareness of a specific issue to attract attention to a top concern for the WHO.

WHO’s Guide to a Healthy Nation:

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a United Nations-based specialized health organization. It is an international organization that cooperates with its members, mostly through the Ministries of Health.

India approved the WHO Constitution on January 12th, 1948. The WHO Regional Committee for South-East Asia met for the first time on October 4 and 5, 1948, at the office of the Indian Minister of Health. India is a member of the WHO Southeast Asia Regional Office.

Here are a few programs WHO conducted to build up a healthy planet:

Physical Activity

WHO unveiled a new Global Action Plan on Physical Activity in 2018, containing four policy action areas and 20 specific policy suggestions and initiatives for the Member States, international partners, and WHO to improve physical activity globally.

National health mission (NHM)

The main programming components are strengthening the health system, communicable and non-communicable diseases. And reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health (RMNCH+A). The goal of the NHM is that everyone should have access to just, reasonably priced, high-quality healthcare services that are accountable and also sensitive to the interests of patients.

Primary Health Center

The Special Programme on Primary Health Care (SP-PHC) offers a flexible, integrated framework for linking the PHC activity at the Country Office, Regional Office, and Headquarters with the three billion strategic targets of the WHO (healthier populations, universal health coverage, and also health emergencies).

You achieve a healthy lifestyle when you achieve the right blend and balance of a healthy body, mind, and emotion. So we hope this essay has been useful to all those. Who desire to make substantial life changes and also improve themselves.

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