The Difference between Health and Wellness

The Difference between Health and Wellness
Health and Wellness

The Difference between Health and Wellness : Is there any difference between health and wellness? Yes, there are certain differences between health and wellness. What are the roles of health and wellness in maintaining health and safety and leading a healthy life?

To understand the difference between health and wellness, we have to know the basic concepts of health and wellness. Let’s dive deep into the topic and explore their key differences.

What is health?

Being free from illness or any injury can be termed health. It refers to a good physical condition which includes physical fitness, well-being, strength, sound body, and mind, etc. Being healthy also refers to the act of taking precautionary and preventive measures against various kinds of diseases.

It can also defined as the prevalence of the adaptive capability of the human body. It can seen when exposed to any physical or mental change.
According to the statement given by World Health Organization, health can defined differently. It can defined as the well-being of a human being in physical, mental, and social aspects. It also says that the absence of any disease cannot be termed health.

What is wellness?

Wellness can defined as having good health and practicing healthy habits in daily life. It is done to lead a healthy life, and it is also done to seek various positive outcomes for both physical and mental health.

The concept of attaining or maintaining wellness is the exact opposite of the act of just surviving. The concept of wellness is more than just striving for survival in our daily life. Wellness also includes the aspect of the emotional well-being of a human being. Emotional well-being is considered to be highly important to leading a peaceful life.

What is the key difference between health and wellness?

The main difference between health and wellness can seen from the objective of maintaining them. Health refers to the well-being of a person’s physical, mental, and social conditions. Meanwhile, wellness refers to enhancing the well-being of those three aspects. The expected outcomes of both concepts have a difference between them. Being free from illness can be termed health, whereas wellness shapes a healthy lifestyle.

Health refers to maintaining fitness to have a sound body and mind. Meanwhile, wellness is maintaining the overall balance of our life, and wellness is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy focuses more on achieving certain goals regarding fitness. Wellness is a concept that can be subjected to various changes from time to time, and it is dynamic.

Thus, this analysis clearly shows that health and wellness differ and can go hand in hand under certain circumstances. But it is important to remember that our health and wellness are different from each other.

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