Top 6 Health Benefits of Calcium

Top Six Health Benefits of Calcium

Top Six Health Benefits of Calcium : Numerous foods include calcium, an important element that is also involved in a variety of other processes. You presumably already link calcium to strong bones. If so, you’ve taken the appropriate steps.

It also functions as a cofactor for several enzymes, enhancing their effectiveness. A sizeable 2 percent of your body’s weight comprises calcium. The body stores most of its calcium in the bones and teeth for structural support.

The remaining calcium is essential to your health for numerous reasons, some of which might surprise you because it is needed in other bodily processes. Here are 6 Health Benefits of Calcium Supplements.

Decreased risk of colon cancer

According to numerous researches, calcium can help lower the risk of colon cancer, which develops when adenomas or polyps form. According to studies, your colon may not develop any potentially malignant masses if your calcium levels are in the correct range.

It keeps teeth and bones from deteriorating.

It should be no surprise that healthy bones and teeth are one of calcium’s significant benefits. Tooth decay and calcium deficiency are directly related. Likely those who experience chronic tooth decay or gum disease did not obtain enough calcium while growing up and still do not.

For women, calcium is even more crucial

Numerous research indicates that calcium may reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms (PMS). According to the study, women who suffer from PMS consume less calcium. and magnesium, and their serum levels are also lower. Calcium tablets for women can help to fight this.

Lowers Blood pressure

According to a thorough analysis of more than 3,000 people, adequate calcium consumption may delay the development of high blood pressure.

Blood pressure was somewhat lowered by calcium consumption (from food or supplements), notably in persons under 35, those who were salt-sensitive, and those with poor baseline calcium intake. Calcium Tablets can deal with this.

Helps with Obstetrical Complications

Preeclampsia, which often begins during the 20th week of pregnancy, is an unexpectedly high blood pressure condition. It affects roughly 5% of expectant mothers. and, if untreated, can result in organ damage, pregnancy problems, and even death. It’s crucial to get enough calcium as part of prevention.

It keeps kidney stones at bay

Kidney stones are calcium and other minerals that have crystallised in the human urinary tract. Oxalate stones are the most typical type of kidney stones.

According to recent studies, a high dietary calcium intake significantly lowers the risk of kidney stones. Previously, it was believed that a high intake or absorption of the minerals led to kidney stones.

The Takeaway

You need calcium for overall wellness. The calcium you require can be obtained from various foods and, if necessary, supplements. Because calcium interacts with other minerals, such as vitamin D, it’s critical to have a balanced diet.

It would help if you watched your calcium consumption like any other mineral or nutrient to ensure you aren’t getting too much or too little.

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